A1 Morpeth Embankment Slip

Project: A1 Morpeth Embankment Slip   
Client: A-One Integrated Highways
Value: £400,000
Location: A1 at Morpeth

The works comprised of the excavation of the existing highway slope, which had began to slip during the previous winter, mainly down to ingress of water. The highways agency delivered the scheme with serious attention to minimise the impact on existing wildlife & planting.

The embankment was excavated down below the existing road level, and below the projected slip circle, with all material removed offsite, hauled and spread as restoration material to a nearby landfill site. Excavated granular material, removed from previous repair works, was screened where possible and recycled.

The excavation was carried out over 120metres of carriageway, some 15 m back from the road edge towards more stable ground.  The excavation was benched prior to laying a geotextile layer, followed by the import of granular material.
The existing drainage systems were replaced and the highway verge topsoiled and seeded.