Alcan Ring Furnace 1 Rebuild

Project: Alcan Ring Furnace 1 Rebuild   
Client: Alcan Primary Metals – Europe
Value: £100,000
Location: Lynemouth Smelter, Northumberland

G & B Civil Engineering Limited were the ground works contractor for the ‘Ring Furnace 1 Rebuild.

A new furnace system had been developed and designed by Ken Home International Ltd and installed by York Linings International Ltd.

The new system took up a smaller area and Alcan required space to store the carbon blocks used in the production of aluminium.

G & B Civil Engineering Limited works included initial excavation of the old fire pits.  This was removed to an external stocking area where the material was crushed to a 40mm down before being placed in the empty void (4m deep) and compacted in layers to bring it up to formation. A new firebreak wall was constructed to cap off the end of the new furnace as well as isolation pads to the supporting columns.
A 300mm thick reinforced concrete slab was prepared along with joints. Due to the operational programme of the furnace, the slab had to be poured in one day (approx 900m2).
What made the scheme remarkable was that it was carried out inside a fully operational building with very limited headroom.