Greenhead to Gilsland Cycleway

Project: Greenhead to Gilsland Cycleway   
Client: Tynedale Council/Forest Enterprises
Value: £110,000
Location: Greenhead, Northumberland

The works involved the construction of approximately 900 lin metres of tarmac cycleway between the villages of Greenhead & Longbyre. The cycleway was installed on land within the Northumberland National Park and also crossed the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail and three-scheduled monument consent areas, requiring an archaeologist on hand at all times.

The cycleway crossed the existing Tipalt burn with a new 16m span footbridge. The footbridge was installed on mass concrete abutments, situated on either bank of the burn, and excavated to a depth of 3m below the burn level.

Access to this area was a serious problem; therefore the bridge was carried across the adjacent fields and lifted into position by a 30 tonne excavator.

The cycleway ran parallel with the Churney Burn watercourse, which regularly flooded. During April the ground conditions were seriously water logged and tensar geogrids were incorporated within the construction of the cycleway to stabilise the ground.