Hazardous Waste Tip – Encapsulation Works

Project: Hazardous Waste Tip – Encapsulation Works   
Client: Alcan Primary Metal– Europe
Value: £464,000
Location: Lynemouth, Northumberland

When Alcan Primary Metal Smelting Ltd required containment of old wasted pot linings they contacted G & B Civil Engineering to provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution. The linings produce acetylene gas and become caustic when wet.

G & B came up with a solution which involved reshaping of the hazardous material, covering it with a gas membrane which allowed gas to flow freely underneath to a designated piped dispersal system.
The membrane was then covered with a 2m thick layer of P.F.A. – a waste product from the smelter’s power station. An impervious membrane was then laid on top of the P.F.A. which was the then covered in a layer of clay then soil.
A ring main drain was laid around the perimeter to collect any water peculating through the soil and clay onto the impervious membrane and the site was seeded down. The resulting barrier prevents water leeching through to the hazardous material.
The design of the scheme and the construction was approved by the Environment Agency.